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to White Cloud Paragliding, So Cal's premiere Paragliding School Tandem flight service. Owned and operated by Tod Ruffner a Certified Tandem Instructor that has been paragliding since 1997. He has Received training from the worlds top pilots, and flown all over the U.S as well as internationally.

Tod Ruffner

When asked, is it safe? He answers,

"Absolutely yes! With proper instruction, quality equipment and a thorough understanding of our weather systems, paragliding can be as safe as riding a bicycle."

Tod's 15 plus years of flying without incident is a testament to that.


you want to come out and get your feet wet with a Tandem Flight, or complete pilot certification course. White Cloud Paragliding's commitment to Excellence and safety are unparallel in the industry.

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Paragliders are descendents of the Skydiving Family. The materials and look are Similar. However what they involve are completely different.

Paragliders take off from ground (mountain or cliff). There is no jumping or pulling open a chute. The canopy is laid out fully open on the ground. The pilot then pulls it up overhead, completely inflating before walking or running to the edge where they are then lifted into the air. Once in the air, the steering is easy and very precise. They can literally land on a dime and as soft stepping down from a motionless park swing. Paragliders have been known to fly up to 18,000 ft in altitude, 200 miles in distance and several hours in duration. All without a motor, using only the Natural energy created by the sun and earth.